Artist Spotlight: Stratos

Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia
03.06.24 03:00 PM Comment(s)

🎨 Stratos or the Art of Happiness

Charles Stratos, born in 1953 in Avignon, is a French painter and sculptor whose works are distinguished by their vitality and expressiveness. Of Greek origin, Stratos was introduced to the art world at a young age, working in an architectural firm at the age of 14. This early experience developed his appreciation for the aesthetics of lines and forms, which profoundly influenced his later artistic journey.

The offering - 60cm - Steel

Stratos is known for his vibrant paintings and monumental sculptures. His works are characterized by bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, and deep black, often depicting human silhouettes in everyday life moments: couples, musicians, mothers, and children. These figures, although stylized, convey palpable emotion and dynamic energy, capturing moments of life imbued with altruism and sharing​

His artistic approach extends beyond painting; he excels in sculpture as well, creating smooth and polished metal works that captivate with their monumentality and fluidity. Stratos sculpts characters that are often intertwined, giving a sense of movement and human connection. His sculptures, like his paintings, are marked by a constant search for difficulty and formal purity, aiming to materialize a dynamic tension that generates energy and vitality.

Virage - 80cm - Steel

Stratos' art has been widely recognized and exhibited. In 2013, he presented an exhibition titled "The Art of Happiness" as part of "Marseille-Provence" European Capital of Culture. This installation, which included polychrome luminous scenography and twelve large sculptures, attracted a large audience and has since traveled to many French cities, animating public spaces like the quays of Nice and the squares of Saint-Raphaël​.

Charles Stratos' works are a call to optimism and the celebration of life. His distinctive style, blending architectural rigor and exuberant color, invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where each character and scene seem to emerge from a poetic dream. Today, Stratos continues to explore new forms and materials, solidifying his place among the most fascinating contemporary artists of his generation​.

Voyage - 50cm - Steel