Myriam Guénaïzia

"Myriam Guenaïzia is one of the painters who spread colors freely. Entered very early in painting through the gaze, she continued her training as a plastic artist and art historian by carrying out her first exhibition under the Spanish sun. She presents already lay the foundations for a mature journey. Her style is immediately identifiable: square, structured, structured and toned. It is an intelligent balance of geometric rigor drawn from Viera da Silva, to which a poetic grace would have been juxtaposed. From each of his paintings emerges a joyful, overflowing dynamism that it is good to share.All the subjects inspire him, proof that they are only pretexts for painting.

For her, it is often a question of revealing to us this invisible world of grace and nobility. Yes, more than ever, painting today for Myriam Guenaïzia is the essential means of expression which allows her to give her full measure as an observer of the world. By dint of freedom and autonomy, she knew how to preserve herself, so she looks like no one. In the bubble of his workshop, happiness is then at the end of the brush. She suggests the subject, heightens the color, gives free rein to all imaginations, but above all, although she is a recognized painter, what matters is that through her gaze, the world becomes beautiful. "

In addition to this, you need to know more about it."

Alain Coudert