Joseph Piermattéo

“I paint to rediscover the world that I carry in me"

Giuseppe Piermattéo is an Italian painter and sculptor based in France whose works have been presented in personal exhibitions both nationally and internationally - in Italy, United States, South Korea, Luxembourg, Japan and United Kingdom. His art is imbued with characters, and village imagery. 

Inspired by Chagall and Picasso, his style has evolved towards a colorful fusion, but also towards a work in Bi Color with many elements such as graphics and cubism which give us this feel-good atmosphere. His geometric and dreamlike paintings have the ability to transport the viewers in an explosion of colors with a cubist influence. 

The artist works primarily with colors, their influence, their ability to provoke and transmit feelings. They burst on the canvas to illustrate a dreamlike universe where, by definition, anything goes! There is no limit to dreams...