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    GZÏ Arts is dedicated to showcase the works of talented and celebrated French and Hungarian painters as well as international artists. Our gallery features a diverse selection of contemporary and classic art pieces that capture the unique beauty and culture of these two nations. We are hosting monthly exhibitions, each with its own distinct theme, accompanied by a wine tasting and live music performance. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the rich artistic traditions of France and Hungary and celebrate the power of creativity to unite cultures and inspire minds.

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GZÏ Art Gallery holds regular events and exhibits to showcase our rotating selection of artists.

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February 28th 2024

GZÏ Arts - Spring is coming Exhibition

Spring Spring symbolizes renewal, vibrant colors, and the joy of witnessing life rebloom in all its glory. 

This season of rejuvenation serves as the perfect backdrop for our upcoming exhibition, aptly titled "Spring is Coming."

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