Corporate Collaborations

At GZÏ Arts, we believe in the transformative power of art within corporate environments. Our gallery is dedicated to fostering creative partnerships with businesses, offering unique opportunities to enhance workspaces, inspire innovation, and cultivate a dynamic corporate culture through art. Our specially curated programs for companies include:

Art Leasing: Elevate your corporate space with our flexible art leasing options, allowing you to rotate artworks and keep the environment vibrant and inspiring with the option of buying the artwork at the end of the lease.

Private Gallery Viewings: Host exclusive events in our gallery, offering a sophisticated blend of art appreciation, wine tasting, and live music for your employees or clients.

Art Investment Talks: Gain insights into art as an investment with our expert-led talks, designed to guide you through starting or enhancing your corporate art collection.

Curator-Led Tours: Discover the stories behind our exhibitions with tours led by our knowledgeable curators, offering a deeper engagement with art for your team.

Custom Events and Art Shows: Let us bring the gallery to you with on-site art shows and bespoke art events, tailored to transform your corporate spaces and events into memorable experiences.

At GZÏ Arts, we're more than just a gallery — we're your partner in integrating art into the heart of your business, enhancing brand identity, and supporting well-being and creativity among your team. Discover how our art can inspire your workspace today.

Unique Venue

The GZÏ Arts Gallery is a unique experience that maintains an interesting and lively atmosphere to make sure your guests stay entertained.

Custom Planning

We can help you choose and manage all aspects of your event, from food and beverage, to music and entertainment.

Event to Remember

Hosting your corporate event at GZÏ Arts Gallery ensures that your guests will remember and be talking about the experience for years to come.