"Sweetness of Loving" or "The Art of Happiness"

The very titles of his works or exhibitions are enough to define the man Charles Stratos, the artist STRATOS, and his art! "Through my characters, I seek to paint happiness," he declares; and there he takes us into a world all in softness and colors, a world where good mood and happiness harmonize in the universal themes of love, family, and the strength of life.

Born in 1953 in Avignon, Charles Stratos was exposed to the world of creation from the age of 14 in an architectural firm. His training in this discipline awakened him to lines, shapes, volumes, but even more to aesthetics... the birth of his artistic fiber! His first "formations" burst forth under his brush with marked traits and vibrant colors. His art, unknown and innovative, immediately set him apart and would indeed surprise at his first exhibition in Nîmes in 1993. Then, he devoted himself to stainless steel sculpture, with the same uniqueness, but by 1995 he achieved success, with the recognition of a new and already loyal audience. His silhouettes, recognizable among all, are displayed from Russia to Provence, from Lebanon to the United States. However, success never deprived the man or the artist of his ideals and his humility. The happiness that he distills through his works can only be fueled by his own, which he cultivates with simple joy with Brigitte, his wife, unconditional and attentive. Likely the key to many other creations... to delight us.