New featured artist - Myriam Guénaïzia

Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia
31.10.23 02:47 PM Comment(s)

🎨 Introducing Myriam Guénaïzia: A Maestro of Colorful Expression

🌟 We are delighted to welcome the incredible artist Myriam Guénaïzia to GZÏ Arts! Myriam is a painter who has an unparalleled ability to spread colors freely and to evoke emotions through her vibrant canvases.

🎨 Myriam's journey into the world of art began with an early fascination for painting. She continued her artistic development by studying as a plastic artist and art historian, culminating in her first exhibition under the warm Spanish sun. This marked the inception of a mature artistic voyage, one that now graces the walls of GZÏ Arts.

🌈 What sets Myriam apart is her immediately identifiable style – square, structured, and toned, representing an intelligent balance of geometric rigor reminiscent of Viera da Silva, interwoven with a poetic grace. Each of her paintings exudes an overwhelming dynamism that invites all to share in its joy.

🎨 Myriam is an artist who finds inspiration in every subject, demonstrating that they serve as mere pretexts for her paintings. Her mission is to reveal the invisible world of grace and nobility to her audience, a testament to the essential role of painting as a means of expression in her life.

✨ In her studio, Myriam discovers happiness at the end of her brush. She suggests the subject, heightens the color, and sets imaginations free. As a recognized painter, her ultimate goal is to make the world beautiful through her unique perspective.

🎨 Myriam's style is a vibrant blend of figurative art with an abstract edge, an exploration of color that will undoubtedly captivate the soul. We invite you to experience her remarkable works at GZÏ Arts and immerse yourself in the world of Myriam Guénaïzia.